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Barco Anemone

VellMari 1

   Our boat with a length of 10 m

and sleeve of 3.5 m and a capacity for

27 people, will delight the

scuba divers


   Our means of ground transportation, 9 seats, comfortable and safe.

Furgoneta Anemone
Remolque Anemone


   Our addition for the transport of heavy materials, space for leftovers to have all the material ordered and protected in the transport.

Air Compressors

   We have Coltri compressors that operate at 650l / min and 250l / min and with a pressure of 232 bars.

Compresores Anemone
Nitrox Anemone

Central Blender Nitrox/Trimix

   Central Blender to make your mixes of Nitrox / Trimix to give extra security to your dives or for the more Tech.

Distributor 8 outputs

   Distributor / distributor of 8 outputs for simultaneous loading of up to 8 bottles.

Compresores 2 Anemone
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